Insurance Fraud Investigation

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Insurance Fraud Investigation

Insurance Fraud Investigation | Eagle 1 Private Investigations - Indianapolis, IN

Having a good insurance policy is an essential part of being a responsible adult in the modern world. Disaster can strike at any moment and lay waste to any perfectly made plans by creating financial ripple effects that last for years. A good insurance policy protects people from the full impact of these kinds of occurrences by giving them a lifeline that takes care of the emergency.

Unfortunately, as too many insurance companies know, some people try to take advantage of this ‘lifeline’ by exploiting the insurance companies with false or inflated claims so that they can make a quick buck. This type of fraud affects the profitability of the insurance company and affects the premiums and claims of other people.

If you are an insurance company that suspects foul play with any of the claims you get on a daily basis, it is your responsibility to investigate as far as possible to make sure that everything is above board. The assistance of a reputable and experience team of investigators will ensure that the insurance fraud investigation finds the complete truth so you can make an informed decision about what to do next.

The team at Eagle 1 Private Investigations has over 20 years of experience in various types of cases including insurance fraud investigation. We have many years of experience helping corporate clients find the truth behind insurance claims by thoroughly investigating the circumstances around an incident.

Our team knows the right questions to ask and the best places to look in order to find the truth for you. We inspect the scenes where the incident happened, take statements from everyone involved including witnesses, investigate the capacity of the complainant and perform a background check to see if there are any concerning patterns in the client’s past. We use all this information to create a comprehensive report that will help you make the best decision with ample proof to back it up.

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