Missing Persons Investigation

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Missing Persons Investigation

Missing Persons Investigation | Eagle 1 Private Investigations - Indianapolis, IN

No one ever thinks it will happen to them. We hear about missing persons all the time on the news and feel sympathy for the family’s involved, but the possibility of the same tragedy befalling your family never really crosses your mind. Until it actually does happen to you…

If you have a missing person in your family, you know that every ounce of help can help bring the day when they walk through the doors closer. Our team at Eagle 1 Private Investigations has a varied background in military, surveillance and law enforcement, and we use this combination of skills to start a comprehensive missing persons investigation.

We will work tirelessly and use all of our extensive resources and contacts to find your loved one in our missing persons investigation all while treating you with the utmost care and consideration throughout this difficult time. Our code integrity means we will only take a case if we are confident we can produce results, and we work hard to ensure that the communication lines between you and the investigators remain open at all times.

In some cases, the missing person in question is not an innocent but someone who is intentionally hiding away from certain responsibilities like paying child support or following through on contractual obligations. Sometimes the missing person is needed as a witness in a court case. Whatever the reason, the team at Eagle 1 Private Investigations will use their skills and experience to conduct a missing persons investigation that produces results.

You can trust Eagle 1 Private Investigations to handle your missing persons investigation with the utmost care, professionalism and commitment to producing results. We have the skills, experience and contacts to bring your loved one home or bring that person to justice. Get in touch with the best private investigators in Indianapolis, IN today.